The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.97


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When Song Luokui told Song Luosheng that someone had poured water on her lucky plant, he laughed heartily.

"I had previously told you to be careful on your end, but I never expected that I would need to be the one to watch out," Song Luokui said, a bit dejected.

Song Luosheng laughed and said, "Our company is big, and our competitors are also large corporations. Getting caught doing such things that can damage the company's image is something that most people wouldn't do. We usually just wait for them to make a mistake, then buy a trending topic to criticize them."

Song Luokui said, "So you mean that since my company is small and I'm competing with other small companies, it doesn't matter?"

Song Luosheng patted her shoulder, "It's okay, don't worry. I'll get you two more lucky plants. You'll need to install a security camera at the entrance to catch the culprit."

Song Luokui replied, "I did, but the person was completely covered up, and we're still investigating."

Song Luosheng asked, "Do you need me to help?"

Song Luokui said, "Not for now." She couldn't always rely on her brother.

After venting to Song Luosheng, Song Luokui left his office. Song Luosheng thought about it and called Li Bei, "Keep a closer eye on your boss lately."

Li Bei quickly understood that it was likely due to the lucky plant incident, so she knew what to do.

As a result, when Song Luokui went to school, left school, and returned home, Li Bei would show up, waiting for her in the car. This made it inconvenient for Song Luokui to call or meet with Chi Yu.

"I don't need you to follow me around all the time," Song Luokui said.

Li Bei explained, "Your brother asked me to keep a closer eye on you recently, probably because he's worried someone might do something to you due to the lucky plant incident."

Song Luokui replied, "I have Uncle An. And no one at school would be so blatant. How's the house renovations going?"

Li Bei said, "It's almost done. I'll come by next time and show you a video."

"Okay," Song Luokui responded.

At that moment, Song Luokui's phone rang, and she saw it was Chi Yu. She immediately hung up and sent him a message, "Not a good time to call."

It had been several days since their last meeting, and Chi Yu's previous invitations had been rejected.

Song Luokui felt this couldn't continue, so she sent him another message, "I'll come to your office later."

"Okay," Chi Yu replied.

When Song Luokui returned home, Li Bei left. Song Luokui waited a bit, then quietly snuck out, telling Aunt Gui, "I'm going out with a friend tonight, won't be home for dinner."

Aunt Gui shook her head as she watched Song Luokui's retreating figure. It seemed the young miss had been going out with friends frequently lately.

After leaving, Song Luokui took a ride directly to the Shan Yu Group. It was the end of the workday, so she didn't go inside. Instead, she waited in a coffee shop across the street and called Chi Yu, "Are you off work yet? I'm in the coffee shop across from your company."

"I'll be right down," Chi Yu responded, immediately standing up. He told his slightly confused secretary, "I'm leaving now, we can deal with whatever it is tomorrow."

The secretary was puzzled - this was the first time she'd seen the boss leave work earlier than her.

Chi Yu hurried downstairs, crossing the lobby and ignoring the greetings from several employees, heading straight for the coffee shop across the street. He spotted Song Luokui sitting in the corner and she noticed him at the same moment, standing up and raising her hand to wave.

He quickly walked over and pulled her into an embrace, "Have you been waiting long?"

Song Luokui replied, "No, I just called you as soon as I got here."

Holding her hand, Chi Yu asked, "Have you had dinner yet? Shall we go eat?"

Song Luokui nodded, "Yes, and later we can go see a movie. I told Aunt Gui I'm spending the night with a friend."

For this, she had changed into an oversized outfit and put on a hat, so that if she ran into any familiar faces on the way, they might not recognize her.

"Okay, I'll make the arrangements," Chi Yu said, keeping his arm around her as they left.

Two women who had been buying coffee saw the intimate scene and gossiped, "Is that the boss's girlfriend?"

"The way he's holding her, it must be!" 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

"I've heard there's a woman who often comes to see the boss."

"Not the same one, this one looks different. But I can't see her face clearly, don't know who she is."

"Well, whoever she is, the boss sure seems to really care about her."

"Ah well, it's not our business. Let's go."

Chi Yu and Song Luokui got into the car, and the driver took them to a nearby restaurant. After dinner, they went to the movie theater, where the tickets had already been purchased. Chi Yu's formal attire stood out a bit among the other moviegoers.

Song Luokui nudged him, "Next time, wear something more casual. This is too flashy."

Holding her hand, Chi Yu replied, "Okay."

After the movie, which ended around 10 PM, Chi Yu still wanted to spend more time with Song Luokui, so they walked around leisurely.

Suddenly, Chi Yu said to Song Luokui, "I need to be honest with you about something."

She looked up at him, "What is it?"

"I bought the apartment across from your place at ChunWang Manor, and I'm having it renovated."

Song Luokui was surprised, "But that's not very close to your company."

Previously, when Li Bei had mentioned it, Song Luokui had wondered who had bought it, not realizing it was her own boyfriend.

Chi Yu explained, "I want to be closer to you. At least then we won't have to sneak around so much when we see each other." He hadn't seen her in several days and was worried she might be losing interest in him.

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Song Luokui's heart softened. "When school's out for the summer, I'll come see you more often. But I'm worried you might be too busy then."

Chi Yu suddenly asked, "How about we go to Banras during the break?"

Song Luokui hesitated, "But then I'll need to make up an excuse. I'm not sure what I'll say."

"I'll take care of it, as long as you want to go," Chi Yu assured her.

Song Luokui looked at him. He had mentioned taking her to Banras before, and he seemed really excited about the idea. She nodded.

Chi Yu smiled and squeezed her hand tightly, "I'll make the arrangements."

"Okay," Song Luokui agreed.

Suddenly, a cotton candy vendor appeared in front of them. Chi Yu said, "Can I get one, boss?"

"Sure thing!" the vendor replied.

After paying, Chi Yu handed the cotton candy to Song Luokui. She always felt like he was bringing her down to earth a bit when he did things like this.

"Why did you want to buy me cotton candy?" she asked.

Chi Yu explained, "Other people do it, so I thought you should have some too."

Song Luokui's heart melted a little. She took a bite and then offered it to Chi Yu, "You try some."

Chi Yu leaned down and took a bite. It was his first time eating cotton candy, and he ended up with some of it around his mouth. Song Luokui laughed at the sight.

Chi Yu wiped his mouth and laughed as well.