Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.382: : People from the East Family


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However, at this moment, several rays of light shot across the sky, covering thousands of miles in an instant, piercing through the Demon Cultivators on the ground.

The Demon Cultivators at the Peak of Refining Void Stage glanced at each other in shock.

They were frightened by the sudden light streaks and dared not move.

Qin Changqing, who was fighting a mighty opponent, was still able to detect the movements on the ground thousands of miles away.

“Don’t move. Seal off the True Origin. I refuse to believe that he can detect us.” One of the Demon Cultivators said.

The others exchanged glances. They had no other choice. Although they were at the Peak of Refining Void Stage, if they were detected, they doubted they could escape in front of the formidable Qin Changqing.

Unless they were willing to abandon their physical bodies and let their Nascent Spirits run alone, there might be a chance.

“Whizz Whizz Whizz-

The sound of sharp blades tearing through the air continued to echo.

Truth be told, by the time the sound was heard, the Feixian Sword had already disappeared somewhere.

The battle still continued.

There were many wounds on the Purple Gold Nascent Soul, his clothes had even been sliced at the hem.

Qin Changqing’s attacks were too sharp and relentless, leaving the Purple Gold

Nascent Soul overwhelmed and without any time to recuperate.

“Damn it!”

The Purple Gold Nascent Soul continued to dodge, realizing that if the fight continued, he would not be able to hold on.

His strongest method did not work on Qin Changqing.

Some trump cards were indeed left, but they were primarily for saving his life. Furthermore, the mirror in Qin Changqing’s hand was a half Dao artifact, capable of both attack and defense, which ordinary methods could not handle.

He also had a trump card given by the mighty power behind the Purple Gold Saint Child, which was to fend off the Sect Leader of Guiyuan Sect.

However, using that trump card on Qin Changqing seemed to be a waste. What if the Sect Leader of Guiyuan Sect arrives soon?

But soon, he had no choice but to use it, because the strength in Qin Changqing’s body had risen again, and the power of the mirror had increased drastically.


The next second, the small ding of the Purple Gold Nascent Soul was blasted away, flying hundreds of miles away and smashing a distant barren mountain.

The fire inside was still rushing out, but this time it was directed at the ground. The ground was instantly melted, turning the place into a huge lava lake. At the same time, Qin Changqing’s divine consciousness shook simultaneously.

“Not good!”

The Purple Gold Nascent Soul cried out as the shake of the Divine Consciousness affected his own, causing a delay in his reaction.

Seeing that the Feixian Sword was approaching, most of his defenses were broken by the Feixian Sword’s attack. He just had enough time to quickly activate an item.

An instant thick shield appeared around him.

The Feixian Sword was blocked.

At this moment, cold sweat was about to break out on the Purple Gold Nascent Soul.

It was at this time he discovered a hole in his chest.

He was injured, and not lightly either!

With this hole, he fully realized the reality – if the fight continued, and Qin Changqing unleashed a few more waves of attack, he would likely be killed here today.

His True Origin was quickly revolving, expelling the True Origin of Qin

Changqing at the wound, otherwise, his wound would not be able to heal.

At this moment, an unfavorable situation for him occurred. Qin Changqing suddenly attacked the Refining Void Cultivators who were charging at the Sect Leader.

‘Retreat quickly!’

The Purple Gold Nascent Soul took out a golden Fu Lu and was preparing to activate it.

But it was too late. The confidant of the Purple Gold Saint Child was pierced by the Feixian Sword all of a sudden.

In his screams of agony, his Nascent Spirit quickly fled from his body. Just as it started to escape, Qin Changqing appeared next to it. With a cold sweep of his eyes, the Nascent Spirit shivered.

With that glance, the chances of escape were lost. Qin Changqing slapped it, turning the Nascent Spirit semi-transparent, and then quickly caught it in his hand.

“Fellow Daoist, hold on. If you kill him, you will certainly make an enemy of our Purple Gold Holy Land. We will withdraw from this matter. You can deal with the people from the East Family. Fellow Daoist, can you give the Purple

Gold Holy Land some face?”

The purple gold joined form yelled.

Qin Changqing snorted lightly, suddenly squeezed, and the nascent spirit was crushed by Qin Changqing.

The Purple Gold integrated form’s face changed.

He did not expect that even after he made things so clear, Qin Changqing still killed that late stage Cultivator of East Void.

That was the Purple Gold Holy Child’s, and also a Void Refiner of the Purple Gold Holy Land.

Since the Purple Gold Holy Land became a Holy Site, apart from the battles with the Demon Sect, there has been no one who would openly kill a Void Refiner of the Purple Gold Holy Land.

The dignity of the Holy Site cannot be challenged!

Even if it’s a First-grade Immortal Sect.

But now, the purple gold nascent soul wasn’t angry, but worried that if Qin Changqing took things to extreme, everyone he brought with him, except himself, would probably die here.

Simultaneously, the other five Void Refiners turned pale, no longer caring about their Sect leader, they retreated crazily.

They hadn’t even had time to retreat when a large amount of Flying Immortal Swords suddenly appeared, locking them down.

Among the five Void Refiners, though there were three who were in the late stages, they were all sweating profusely.

They realized that if they dare to escape, they will be walking a path of death.

Even if they tried to escape with their nascent spirit, they can’t.

Not only them.

Even Lu Huaian and another late-stage Void Refiner from the Purple Gold Holy Land were locked by the Flying Immortal Swords.

The situation was entirely under the control of Qin Changqing in an instant.

The lives of all the Void refiners were in Qin Changqing’s hands.

Several Void Refiners exchanged glances, if they all try to escape simultaneously with their nascent spirit in different directions, one or two could possibly escape.

But no one dared to gamble, what if the one who escapes is not oneself?

They could only depend on the Purple Gold Holy Land’s combined form.

“Since this is an internal matter of the East family, he represents your Holy Child to intervene, he is a person from the East family, why can’t I kill him?”

While several Void Refiners were trapped by the Flying Immortal Sword and could not move, Qin Changqing spoke in a calm voice.

His words made the Purple Gold combined form stop abruptly.

“You are not a member of the East family, are you?”

The Purple Gold combined form said.

“Is that so?”

Qin Changqing took the Sect Leader by the hand that flew to his side.

This action spoke volumes.

The Sector Leader’s pretty face blushed, but she didn’t make any efforts to resist.

“Hahahaha, is it all right for you Purple Gold combined form to bully others and not allowed others to fight back?”

At this time, laughter rang out.

Then, a figure, suddenly rushed towards the sky.

At the same time, the Purple Snow Holy Girl and the Girl in Green, also flew up into the sky.

Seeing Qin Changqing crush the confidant of the Purple Gold Holy Child, the Girl in Green immediately told the Purple Snow Holy Girl to inform Elder He.

The time for them to intervene had come.

They had been waiting for over a hundred years.

If they don’t intervene now, there won’t be another chance!

“He Changfeng!”

As soon as Elder He arrived, the combined form of the Purple Gold Holy Land recognized him.

At the same time, he also saw the Purple Snow Holy Girl and was confused.

“Yes, it’s me. Bet you didn’t expect this, did you? Qin Changqing and our Holy

Girl are good friends. I just happened to be here to give the Holy Girl a present. I did not expect to encounter you guys from the Purple Gold Holy Land bullying others. However, judging by your miserable appearance, it seems like you’re the one who has been bullied?”

Elder He looked at the big hole in the chest of the Purple Gold combined form, his eyes full of mockery..

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