Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.383: : Swearing by Blood


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The Purple Gold Nascent Soul’s face turned unpleasant.

“In that case, I, Purple Gold Holy Land, will no longer interfere in this matter. Those five people were invited by the East Family, so I’ll leave them to you to deal with. These two are disciples of my Holy Land, so please let them go.”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul was very decisive, not bothering with Elder He any longer. In order to protect the lives of Lu Huaian and the other disciple, he had to bow down.

Qin Changqing looked at him calmly, not saying a word.

Purple Gold Nascent Soul took out a Storage Bag and placed it in front of Qin Changqing.

“There are one million Spirit Stones in here as a compensation.”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul said.

But Qin Changqing remained silent, and the power of the Feixian Sword grew more fierce.

Purple Gold Nascent Soul had no choice but to take out another Storage Bag.

“Qin Changqing, there are twenty thousand Medium Grade Spirit Stones and one hundred High-grade Spirit Stones in here. Their value is equivalent to three million Lower Grade Spirit Stones. Together with the previous one million, how about exchanging them for these two people?”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul said again.

He had taken out Spirit Stones equivalent to four million Lower Grade Spirit Stones, which was a testament to the wealth of a Holy Land.

The value of these Medium Grade Spirit Stones and High-grade Spirit Stones was immense.

After Void Refining, cultivating with Medium Grade Spirit Stones was more useful.

After forming the Nascent Soul, it’s best to use High-grade Spirit Stones.

High- grade Spirit Stones were more effective when used during bottlenecks and realm shocks.

But High-grade Spirit Stones were too scarce. In the Vast Wave Realm, even the Master of Guiyuan Sect and Master Butterfly Cloud probably didn’t have them.

One hundred of these were worth a million Lower Grade Spirit Stones.


Qin Changqing still remained silent.

“Heh, you think this amount of spirit stones is enough to cover this matter? Gongsun Zhi, if you keep fighting, the injuries you suffer will be far greater than this amount.”

On the side, Elder He said. “Qin Changqing, state your terms!”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul said.

“For each of the two of them, fifty thousand Medium Grade Spirit Stones. As for you, I’ll count it as two thousand High-grade Spirit Stones.”

Qin Changqing said indifferently.

Fifty thousand Medium Grade Spirit Stones for each of them, and he also wanted two thousand High-grade Spirit Stones!

Qin Changqing’s terms made Purple Gold Nascent Soul’s face change.

This was a lion’s share.

These Spirit Stones were equivalent to thirty million Lower Grade Spirit Stones!

Thirty million Lower Grade Spirit Stones were an extremely huge number even for a Holy Land.

All the Spirit Stones possessed by the Sects in the North Region combined would not be as much.

Even if you asked Guiyuan Sect to take out this many Spirit Stones, they might not be able to produce them all at once!

And more importantly, Qin Changqing asked for Medium Grade and

High- grade Spirit Stones which were much rarer and more precious.

Moreover, Qin Changqing actually included himself in the calculation!

He was confident enough to keep him here?

“Qin Changqing, I can accept their conditions, but me…”

“You think you can escape?”

Before Purple Gold Nascent Soul could finish speaking, Qin Changqing interrupted him.

Purple Gold Nascent Soul sensed something and his face changed.

Because, at some point, this area had been covered by a mysterious and elaborate trapping formation.

This formation was very sophisticated, impossible to detect, and had only one function.

It was to restrict the spread of Divine Consciousness.

His Divine Consciousness had already been compressed by more than ten times earlier, in order to fight against Qin Changqing, and it had a range of only three to four thousand miles now. Only by compressing it could he maintain enough strength in a unit area.

Otherwise, he would be even more passive.

Since his Divine Consciousness’s range has been compressed, and coupled with the fact that he was just injured and saw people from the Questioning Heaven Academy, he hadn’t noticed this formation until now due to these factors.

A formation that only targeted the spread of Divine Consciousness.

Qin Changqing’s Divine Consciousness could cooperate with this formation and further compress his range of Divine Consciousness.

He could completely twist his Divine Consciousness into a single strand and forcefully break through this formation, but Qin Changqing might not give him that opportunity.

Moreover, he felt that this formation was not necessarily just a single layer, but rather one layer after another.

In this case, he had to break through one layer at a time to escape.

With the strength Qin Changqing just showed, he might indeed end up being stopped here.

However, he still had a trump card up his sleeve.

His golden Fu Lu was a genuine Dao Talisman, much higher grade than the ones given to the two Void Refinement stage cultivators by the woman from the Dongfang Family.

This Dao Talisman was originally prepared to deal with the Guiyuan Sect Leader whose strength far exceeded his own.

If he used this Dao Talisman, he still had a chance of escaping.

However, this Dao Talisman was hard to come by. After the great ability of the Purple Gold Saint Child gave it to him, he wouldn’t have to return it to them if he didn’t use it up.

It would become his life-saving trump card in the future.

His mission this time was only to block Guiyuan Sect and he didn’t intend to fight Qin Changqing to the death.

So he wouldn’t use it if he didn’t have to.

Moreover, the cost of these Spirit Stones…he could still pass it onto the Purple Gold Holy Land.

“Your Fu Lu poses no threat to me. You can try to use it and see if I can break it.”

At this moment, Qin Changqing’s voice rang out again.

Purple Gold Nascent Soul’s heart tightened.

“I don’t have that many Spirit Stones, and neither do they.”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul spoke up. Although he still had confidence in the Dao Talisman, he didn’t want to take risks.

Qin Changqing’s indifferent gaze fell on him, not saying a word. This put tremendous pressure on Purple Gold Nascent Soul.

“We’ll use other things as collateral, whatever we can cover, and make up the rest later. How about that?”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul said.

This time, Qin Changqing agreed.

“Take out your Storage Bags.”

He then took out an extremely exquisite Storage Bag and poured out the contents inside. In addition, he also took out pill bottles, materials, and the like.

Seeing this, Lu Huaian and the other Purple Gold Holy Land’s Void Refinement cultivator exchanged glances, and also took out their Storage Bags.

However, they still didn’t have enough Spirit Stones.

Qin Changqing asked for too many; they just didn’t have them.

“Compensate with materials. This can offset one hundred High-grade Spirit Stones.”

Qin Changqing made a gesture, and a black stone flew to him.

“That’s what I was going to use to complete my Dao Artifact. As Purple Gold Nascent Soul was halfway through speaking, Qin Changqing had already received it.

Finally, after selecting materials and Spirit Stones that he needed, Qin

Changqing managed to offset not even half of the required Spirit Stones after half a day.

Qin Changqing had already taken out several special papers.

“Write down the IOUs, and pledge with blood.” He flicked the papers toward the three of them.

The three quickly followed suit.

The three IOUs quickly returned to Qin Changqing’s hand.

“Is it done?”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul then asked.

Qin Changqing made a gesture, and the Feixian Swords that trapped Lu Huaian and the other Void Refinement cultivator left.

“Thank you, and goodbye.”

Purple Gold Nascent Soul cupped his hands in a salute, not stopping for a moment, and left with the two Void Refinement cultivators as if they were fleeing.


As soon as they left Tianchuan State, Purple Gold Nascent Soul spat out a mouthful of blood.

His injuries were much more severe than they appeared on the surface. Otherwise, he might not have so easily agreed to Qin Changqing’s lion’s share..

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