Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.388 - : Wedding


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Chapter 388: Chapter 388: Wedding

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Although she had now achieved Integration, greatly increasing her strength, she was now even more worried about Qin Changqing.

On one hand, Qin Changqing’s rapid breakthrough to Integration made her feel that he must be a reincarnated Immortal.

That would mean Qin Changqing was facing even greater threats.

On the other hand, after having a daughter, she had already accepted Qin Changqing as her man in her heart.

She had remained chaste for ten thousand years, never falling for any man, but now she had been with Qin Changqing time and time again, even bearing him a daughter.

Naturally, she had already accepted Qin Changqing wholeheartedly.

“Master, do you really think I’m a reincarnated Immortal?”

Qin Changqing played with… and asked.

Master Butterfly Cloud’s face was still somewhat unnatural because Qin Changqing was still…

“If you are not a reincarnated Immortal, the problem will be even greater. For example, evil demons inheriting through the ages may also have a terrifying growth rate. In that case, there will be more than one Demon Saint Sect to deal with you. So, Qing, now you can only be a reincarnated Immortal.”

Master Butterfly Cloud looked at Qin Changqing and said.

She didn’t notice anything unusual, but Master Butterfly Cloud had discovered some anomalies.

For example, after her heart completely belonged to Qin Changqing, her cultivation speed had accelerated remarkably.

It was as if there was divine assistance.

Also, when she was breaking through to Integration, she was originally stuck and almost failed, but somehow, she was able to break through and overcome the obstacles to become an Integrated cultivator.

This made Master Butterfly Cloud realize that Qin Changqing might have some special attributes. fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

Something even more astonishing than being a reincarnated Immortal.

Master Butterfly Cloud couldn’t guess what it was, but she noticed some hidden crises in this situation.

At the same time, she chose to trust Qin Changqing unconditionally.

Qin Changqing gently embraced her.

He understood this principle, of course.

Thinking about it, others imagining him as a reincarnated Immortal seemed reasonable.

If others knew that he was initially just a mixed spiritual root but had reached Integration so quickly, how many people would have designs on him?

His Golden Finger could not be taken away by others, but would others think they couldn’t take it away?

That was also why Qin Changqing’s Golden Finger must not be exposed to anyone.

It was not about mistrusting, but what if some overly powerful existence learned about it through silent mind-reading?

Master Butterfly Cloud’s wholehearted consideration for him made Qin Changqing like her more and more.

So, Qin Changqing expressed his fondness of Master Butterfly Cloud through his actions.

“Qing, stop, the Sect Leader has arrived.”

A few days later, Master Butterfly Cloud pleaded.

The leader of Guiyuan Sect had arrived?

Qin Changqing had not yet met the leader of Guiyuan Sect.

So, Qin Changqing let her go.

After dressing neatly, they left the Qin Mansion.

A figure revealed itself there.

“Sect Leader.”

Master Butterfly Cloud’s voice was filled with respect, she said.

Qin Changqing took a look, and the leader of Guiyuan Sect was a beautiful woman in her thirties.

The whole person gave off an extremely enchanting feeling, as if she was a ripe apple.

However, her aura seemed somewhat unstable to Qin Changqing.

Qin Changqing had heard that Disk Cloud Peak Master had been brought up by the leader of Guiyuan Sect from a young age, like a mother and daughter. “Qin Changqing pays his respects to the Master of Guiyuan Sect.”

Qin Changqing greeted her.

The Master of Guiyuan Sect glanced at Master Butterfly Cloud before her gaze fell on Qin Changqing.

Then, she nodded slightly in acknowledgment.

“Sect Leader, let’s go inside and talk. I’ll introduce you to Qin Changqing.” Master Butterfly Cloud said.

Master of Guiyuan Sect did not speak, but from her expression, she seemed to agree.

In the Qin Mansion, there was a villa located on the top of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful scenery, clear water, and fresh air.

Qin Changqing served a cup of tea for the Master of Guiyuan Sect.

Master Butterfly Cloud began introducing Qin Changqing slowly.

Master of Guiyuan Sect was not indifferent, but she did not speak for some reason.

By now, the news of Qin Changqing’s breakthrough in Integration had already spread throughout the Central State, and she must have heard about it before coming here.

However, when Master Butterfly Cloud introduced him, her eyes occasionally showed surprise.

“Qing, the Sect Leader is currently experiencing the First Decline of Heaven-Man, which is the ‘Appearance’ decline. Therefore, the Sect Leader cannot speak easily or show too many expressions to avoid giving an opportunity to the heavenly forces and cause damage.”

After Master Butterfly Cloud finished her introduction, perhaps she noticed Qin Changqing’s confusion and explained.

Is the Master of Guiyuan Sect currently experiencing the First Decline of Heaven-Man?

Qin Changqing couldn’t help but look at her.

Guiyuan Sect became a First-grade Immortal Sect entirely because of the Master of Guiyuan Sect.

Qin Changqing originally thought that the Master of Guiyuan Sect was at most in the middle or late stages of Integration, but he didn’t expect that she had already reached Perfect Fusion.

She was also undergoing Tribulation Passing Stage.

However, the Master of Guiyuan Sect couldn’t be considered to have the power of the First Decline of Heaven-Man yet because she hadn’t passed the First Decline.

Only after passing it could she be considered to have the power of the First Decline of Heaven-Man.

Now, the strength of the Master of Guiyuan Sect was, in fact, somewhat weaker than Perfect Fusion.

It was because her energy was not particularly stable, and Qin Changqing felt that she was constantly fighting against the Decline Tribulation at all times.

At this point, the Master of Guiyuan Sect seemed to suddenly sense something, and her hands moved, causing a large number of prohibition formations to appear around her.

Then, she entered the prohibition formation.

There, large amounts of purple thunder suddenly appeared densely around her.

These purple thunders were not too shocking in terms of momentum, but they felt much stronger than the Thunder Tribulation that Cultivators faced, to Qin Changqing.

Even compared to the Tribulation Thunder faced by Demon Cultivators, it seemed to be at a higher level.

Is this the process of Tribulation Passing Stage?

Not only must one constantly fight against the personal tribulations within themselves, but occasionally, there would also be thunder visiting one.

That is, on one hand, they must fight against their personal tribulations.

On the other hand, they must also fight against the Heavenly Tribulation!

Your own tribulations have weakened you, and then the Heavenly Tribulation arrives from time to time.

This was probably just a minor Heavenly Tribulation, and after a certain period, even more terrifying Heavenly Tribulation might occur.

No wonder the Five Declines of Heaven-Man are considered scarier than the Big Heavenly Tribulation.

“Qing, the Sect Leader has been in closed-door cultivation, and it’s best for her to avoid making any moves and being discovered that she’s undergoing Tribulation Passing Stage. After the commotion caused by the Demon Cultivators, she spent some time calming down and then came here.”

Master Butterfly Cloud whispered.

Master of Guiyuan Sect didn’t say anything throughout, and her face remained expressionless.

Master Butterfly Cloud was somewhat worried that Qin Changqing would misunderstand and think that the Master of Guiyuan Sect was giving him a hard time or something like that.

Qin Changqing held her little hand: “Butterfly Cloud, I know.”

By coming here, the Master of Guiyuan Sect had already shown her attitude and great trust towards Qin Changqing.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t let Qin Changqing know that she was undergoing Tribulation Passing Stage, especially since she hadn’t passed the First Decline yet!

This was precisely her weakest moment.

Butterfly Cloud’s pretty face turned red because the Master of Guiyuan Sect had just returned and happened to see Qin Changqing holding her little hand.

“Sect Leader, now that you have left seclusion, it’s the perfect time for Butterfly Cloud and me to have our wedding, right?”

Qin Changqing was very generous and even brought up this matter.

The face of Master Butterfly Cloud turned even redder..