Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.389 - : Purple Snow Saintess


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Chapter 389: Chapter 389: Purple Snow Saintess

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Soon, in the Vast Wave Realm, preparations for a grand wedding began.

This wedding was the wedding of Qin Changqing and Master Butterfly Cloud.

It was also the wedding of two Great Abilities in perfect integration.

The wedding was incredibly grand.

As for whether this was taking a wife or accepting a concubine, Master Butterfly Cloud did not mention it, and Qin Changqing intentionally overlooked this point.

Back when Qin Changqing was not as strong as he is now, he yearned daily for the Sect Leader to bear his child, and the Sect Leader was his first choice for a wife in his heart.

As the number of his women gradually increased, and each of them was completely devoted to Qin Changqing and deeply in love with him.

Qin Changqing then gradually overlooked this point.

With his current strength, such worldly concepts might as well fade away.

Among his women, some were strong, some were weak. Many of them were nameless, but there were also some who were stunningly talented.

However, at every wedding, Qin Changqing held the ceremony as if marrying a wife. 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

It was always very grand.

The same wedding, other people’s understanding was certainly different.

Like Master Butterfly Cloud, others would definitely interpret it as Qin Changqing marrying a concubine, after all, she had already achieved great ability in integration.

However others interpret it, let them.

“Holy girl, he is going to marry Master Butterfly Cloud!”

In Qin Mansion, with Qin Changqing about to marry Master Butterfly Cloud, the girl in green was becoming anxious.

Previously, although Master Butterfly Cloud had borne a child for Qin Changqing, there was no formal wedding.

Now with the wedding being held, does it not mean that Qin Changqing is fully committed to binding himself with the Guiyuan Sect?

“Lord Fengtian is here, let’s first go to Su City to see her,” said the Purple Snow Holy Girl.

“Lord Fengtian is here?”

The girl in green was delighted upon hearing this news. A lord had actually come.

In the Holy Land, a lord’s status is higher than an elder’s, and their number is also fewer.

Many geniuses find it not so easy to reach the Threshold of Perfect Integration once they attain integration.

After reaching Perfect Integration, many people would not rashly draw upon the Five Declines of Heaven-Man.

The Five Declines of Heaven-Man are too terrifying.

Each decline becomes more dreadful over time.

The First Decline has claimed many people’s lives.

Therefore, even in the Holy Land, those who have attained Perfection of Integration, without enough preparation, choose to isolate themselves from fate, going into faux-death hibernation, awaiting the Holy Land to accumulate more resources to support their Tribulation Passing Stage, before they wake up.

The two soon arrived in Su City.

In an inn, they met Lord Fengtian.

Lord Fengtian was also a woman, who exuded a certain sense of nobility.

She gave off a sense of soaring magnificently like a phoenix.

“My Lord,” Purple Snow Holy Girl lowered her head to pay respects.

Lord Fengtian slightly nodded.

“Purple Snow, you’ve worked hard.”

Then, she spoke.

“My Lord, it’s not hard,” Purple Snow Holy Girl responded quite directly.

Lord Fengtian’s gaze lingered on her.

“I heard Qin Changqing is to marry Butterfly Cloud?” she asked.

“Yes, Lord. However, before this, Butterfly Cloud had already borne a child for Qin Changqing,” Purple Snow Holy Girl said.

This news had already been reported back to the Questioning Heaven Academy.

It seemed Lord Fengtian already knew.

After some ponderance, she asked again, “How certain are you that Qin Changqing is the reincarnation of an immortal?”

“My Lord, I am at least ninety percent sure. If Qin Changqing is not the reincarnation of an immortal, then it could only be a few other bad scenarios, but those signs are not present in Qin Changqing,” Purple Snow Holy Girl said.

After a pause, she continued, “However, the troublesome part is, I fear Qin Changqing may not be willing to undergo the many tests and examinations of the Holy Land. He has grown up, very different from the past two young reincarnated immortals.”

Lord Fengtian gave a “hmm” in acknowledgment.

Although all the Holy Lands would scramble to protect the reincarnated Immortal, they would first confirm the identity for the sake of safety.

If the identity was uncertain, there would be an element of gamble.

If they bet wrong, the loss would be great.

As it stands now, there was a high likelihood that Qin Changqing was the reincarnated Immortal.

The past two reincarnated Immortals weren’t complex, because they were very young when they were discovered.

But Qin Changqing was different, he had already grown up and reached the Integration stage.

However, the current situation was different from the past because the Devil Sect had become stronger and there was a new Demon Gate Sacred Land!

This was a scenario that did not occur before.

This meant that the dangers Qin Changqing was now facing were greater and more numerous.

Lord Fengtian seemed to be in thought.

After a few dozen seconds, she spoke again.

“Purple Snow, The Learning Palace wishes to marry you to Qin Changqing, are you willing?”

Lord Fengtian turned to the Purple Snow Holy Girl and asked.

At the words of Lord Fengtian, a look of surprise flashed across the pretty face of the Purple Snow Holy Girl.

Was the Questioning Heaven Academy preparing to marry her to Qin Changqing?

At a side, the girl in green, on the contrary, approved of the academy’s decision.

In her opinion, this was currently the best solution.

Moreover, Qin Changqing seemed so outstanding in her eyes that if it wasn’t for her inadequate status, she would want to marry Qin Changqing.

In the eyes of the girl in green, it was not a loss for Purple Snow Holy Girl to marry Qin Changqing.

“Purple Snow, the matter isn’t mandatory, and you may choose for yourself.” Lord Fengtian spoke again.

Purple Snow Holy Girl lowered her head, after a dozen seconds, she raised her head again.

“My Lord, I agree. However, once I marry Qin Changqing, as long as Qin Changqing is not one of those few possibilities, I won’t disclose anything about

Qin Changqing to the academy.”

Purple Snow Holy Girl said.

There was admiration in the eyes of Lord Fengtian.

“That’s a matter of course.’

Lord Fengtian said.

“My Lord, I also want to go with Holy GirlThe girl in green spoke up at this point.

Lord Fengtian looked at her.

“What I mean is, I want to stay by the Holy Girl’s side. I’ve been with her for so long, and I don’t want to be separated from her.”

The girl in green, realizing the ambiguity in her words, explained.

After she finished explaining, she felt a bit of regret.

It wouldn’t be bad to go over and get married with the Purple Snow Holy Girl.


Lord Fengtian agreed.

“Let’s go, let’s meet Qin Changqing. I’ve been in the North Region for a month now, and the stories I’ve heard this month are more exciting than what I’ve heard in the past 1000 years. It makes me curious about what it is about Qin Changqing that has even caught our Purple Snow’s eye.”

Lord Fengtian stood up and said.

Purple Snow Holy Girl’s pretty face turned red.

If she wasn’t moved, she wouldn’t have agreed naturally.

Soon, in the Qin Mansion, Qin Changqing saw Purple Snow Holy Girl again.

This time, they were three people.

“Qin Changqing, this is Lord Fengtian of the Questioning Heaven Academy.”

Purple Snow Holy Girl introduced.

Even though her composure was still maintained, she was somewhat restrained in front of Qin Changqing.

Because the topic to be discussed involved her.

“Qin Changqing, do you know why Lu Yuan of the Mysterious Heaven Academy was expelled from Questioning Heaven Academy?”

After entering the drawing room, Lord Fengtian took the initiative to speak up.

However, her topic was regarding the Sect Leader of the Mysterious Heaven Academy.

She must have learned during her time in the North Region that Qin Changqing and Sect Leader Lu had a good relationship..