Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.394 - : Another Kind of Pleasure


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Chapter 394: Chapter 394: Another Kind of Pleasure

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That year, the Purple Snow Holy Girl gave birth to another baby for Qin Changqing who had a third-grade spiritual root.

“Husband, how come there’s another one!”

“Purple Snow, how come there’s another one?”

However, in less than a few months, Purple Snow Holy Girl was pregnant again, leaving Lord Fengtian dumbfounded.

The Purple Snow Holy Girl has been married to Qin Changqing for a little over four years, and has already given birth to three babies for him.

Now, there was a fourth one.

The Purple Snow Holy Girl didn’t know why she was so fertile.

Though Qin Changqing worked tirelessly, if it wasn’t for her physique, even if Qin Changqing worked every day, there might not be any movement for a few thousand years.

Take Green Autumn for example, after she gave birth to a child for Qin Changqing, her belly stayed still for a long time.

Though Qin Changqing also liked to work there.

Moreover, the babies born by the Purple Snow Holy Girl were all pretty decent.

The initial pair of twins both had second-grade spiritual roots, and the third baby also had a heavenly spiritual root.

A year later, the fourth baby of the Purple Snow Holy Girl was born, and this baby was even a third-grade heavenly spiritual root.

“How strange.”

Qin Changqing was very delighted, could the Purple Snow Holy Girl have a special physique that excels at giving birth?

After the Purple Snow Holy Girl recovered, Qin Changqing couldn’t wait to start doing something that made them both physically and mentally happy.

This process was joyful, and the result was also joyful.

Qin Changqing wanted to try and see if the Purple Snow Holy Girl could still give birth to babies with excellent spirit roots.

So, in a few months, the belly of the Purple Snow Holy Girl was bulging again.

“Is there another one?”

When Lord Fengtian from Su City heard this news, he was taken aback.

This was the fifth one already!

After learning that the first few babies that the Purple Snow Holy Girl had for Qin Changqing all had top-grade spiritual roots, Lord Fengtian was more confirmed in his heart that Qin Changqing was a reincarnated immortal.

Even if the Purple Snow Holy Girl was a first-class ice spirit root, if not for Qin Changqing, she would find it hard to produce so many superior spirit root descendants.

Reincarnated immortals, even if reincarnated, were blessed by the heavens, and their descendants tend to be more superior.

In the past, two recorded reincarnated immortals did not leave any descendants, but another did leave a descendant, who was also extremely talented in terms of spirit roots.

Moreover, during these years in the North Region, Lord Fengtian also found that Qin Changqing’s descendants had a longer-than-average lifespan, which could also hint at something.

Although the answer in his heart was more certain, Lord Fengtian did not make any other moves.

Step by step is the way to go.

After Qin Changqing had grown up and declined to join a certain Holy Land, the Questioning Heaven Academy had to find an opportunity to protect him, such as lending a hand in moments of crisis.

Therefore, Lord Fengtian has not left the North Region for many years.

There aren’t many lords at the Heavenly Human Five Decay Realm in Questioning Heaven Academy, and she is the only woman. Lord Fengtian’s current task is to stay in good relations with Qin Changqing.

After more than a year, the fifth child of the Purple Snow Holy Girl was born.

The spirit root of this child was finally not a heavenly spirit root, but a fourth-grade spirit root.

A fourth-grade spirit root is also pretty decent.

If there weren’t system bonuses, there would be no problem reaching the Nascent Soul Stage. With system bonuses and sufficient resources, reaching Integration should be possible.

Anything beyond would depend on fate.

However, as Qin Changqing became more proficient in alchemy, if he could refine such horrific elixirs in the future in the cultivation world, he might be able to help his own descendants reach higher levels.

At present, it’s not possible.

After the Purple Snow Holy Girl had given birth to five children for Qin Changqing consecutively, Qin Changqing didn’t let the Purple Snow Holy Girl give birth again.

He wouldn’t do anything beforehand as it would affect the experience.

Usually, he would use a small technique afterwards to prevent pregnancy.

Qin Changqing felt that, with the constitution of the Purple Snow Holy Girl, if he didn’t do as such, she might keep bearing.

The Purple Snow Holy Girl started to live a life devoted to her husband and teaching her child.

After marrying Qin Changqing, she did not plan to return to the Sky Inquiry Academy for a long time.

Every few years, the Sky Inquiry Academy would send people to deliver some cultivation resources for her.

Qin Changqing’s life returned to calm.

The North Region was becoming more and more prosperous because of him. 𝒻𝓻𝘦𝑒𝓌𝑒𝓫𝓷𝑜𝓋𝘦𝓵.𝓬𝘰𝓂

He was still refining elixirs and Dao artifacts, preparing to acquire fragments of immortal items.

“Six Unions Sword.”

That year, Qin Changqing refined the first Six Unions Sword.

This sword had reached the level of a Daoist artifact.

Swords are sharp, but it was rare for those who had achieved integration to choose them for their lifebound artifacts.

Like that small cauldron of Purple Gold Nascent Soul, it can be used for both attack and defence and has other functions as well.

These kinds of comprehensive artifacts were the best choices for lifebound artifacts.

Once they reached the integration stage, they would be extremely difficult to kill.

Every integrated being valued their life highly.

No one would act rashly after reaching the integration stage through hardship.

Sword artifacts have sharp attacks but their defence was a defect, especially when faced with some large-scale technique attacks.

Though it said that attack is the best defence, those who have integrated possess various abilities, and everyone’s abilities are different.

If they neglect defence, there is a high possibility of flipping over.

Qin Changqing’s Six Unions Sword naturally needed to be used in combination with the Six Harmonies Mirror.

The difficulty of refining these combined Dao artifacts was very high. It could be said that if it wasn’t for Qin Changqing’s own refining ability, others would find it hard to create them.

After the first combination was made, it would be faster for the second and third combinations to be made.

“Husband, I am ready for seclusion.”

That day, the well-prepared Master Butterfly Cloud was about to go into seclusion again.

After noticing that her cultivation speed had increased, Master Butterfly Cloud decided to seize this opportunity and become stronger.

She had spent too much time in the Nascent Soul Stage.

Seeing Qin Changqing growing so fast, Master Butterfly Cloud was eager to follow Qin Changqing’s footsteps.

Qin Changqing took out the well-refined pills.

The Sky Inquiry Academy had provided him enough resources to cultivate to the Perfect Fusion stage, Qin Changqing didn’t need these resources so he gave them to Master Butterfly Cloud first.

As for the sect leader, she was not in a hurry as she hadn’t reached the Integration stage yet.

Once she reached the Integration stage, it wouldn’t be difficult for Qin Changqing to acquire these resources again.

Seeing that Qin Changqing had prepared so much for her, Master Butterfly Cloud was very moved.

So, that night, the moved Master Butterfly Cloud unlocked more positions with Qin Changqing…

Even to the point… where Qin Changqing felt a pleasure even greater than becoming an immortal.

Half a month later, Master Butterfly Cloud was finally able to go into seclusion.

Her place for seclusion was still at Qin Mansion.

Seeing his women going into seclusion one after another, the people who accompanied Qin Changqing most often once again were Tao Yao and his mortal concubines.

These mortal attendants, who couldn’t cultivate, were always available whenever Qin Changqing needed them.

Although their bodies were delicate and could not endure too much like cultivators, they brought another kind of pleasure.

In fact, their bodies were being nurtured by Qin Changqing’s pills and had become much stronger than ordinary people, equivalent to an Innate Master.

They even achieved grain freedom, usually eating more low-grade spiritual fruits.