Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.395 - : A Greater Tacit Understanding


Chapter 395: Chapter 395: A Greater Tacit Understanding

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However, there are many differences between her and cultivators.

Tao Yao hasn’t seen any changes over the years.

Qin Changqing didn’t rush to the Questioning Heaven Academy in search of something that could help her.

Or go ask Lord Fengtian.

From the message disclosed by the Purple Snow Holy Girl, the Questioning Heaven Academy has not protected the path of reincarnated immortals, they may not know very clearly.

After marrying Qin Changqing, the Purple Snow Holy Girl has been leaning more towards Qin Changqing, revealing a lot of matters about Questioning Heaven Academy.

Of course, she couldn’t expose the core secrets; Qin Changqing naturally wouldn’t force her.

The Demon Sect was quiet over these years.

Qin Changqing guessed that even if the Demon Saint Sect wanted to deal with him, they wouldn’t act so quickly.

The Questioning Heaven Academy has only married the Holy Girl to Qin Changqing recently, and although Lord Fengtian hasn’t publicly appeared, it’s imaginable that the Academy must leave strong fighters stationed in North Region.

The Demon Saint Sect naturally has to wait for the right moment.

Now in the North Region, many demon cultivators have likely come to investigate the situation.

The power of these demon cultivators is not strong, they are deeply hidden, making them more difficult to discover.

They don’t even qualify to trigger the warning arrays left by Qin Changqing in the southern part of Tianchuan State.

Qin Changqing didn’t intentionally find them, it’s hard to clean out these people who are like roaches hiding in the dark.

It would only make it seem as if he was afraid of the other party.

Besides, it would be a waste of time.

From the perspective of the Demon Saint Sect, they have a lot of time left.

After all, even for reincarnated immortals, moving from integration to perfection, and enduring the Five Declines of Heaven-Man, takes considerable time.

They have plenty of time.

However, the people of the Demon Saint Sect wouldn’t know the monstrous capability of the Qin Changqing they were facing.

On the day when Qin Changqing crafted the 12th Six Unions Sword, only eleven years had passed since his breakthrough into integration. Because the descendants of the Qin family had once again reached a million in number.

After receiving a major reward, Qin Changqing successfully reached the second level of integration.

He had leveled up again!

After achieving integration, the leveling speed was surprisingly fast.

Of course, this was mainly due to a wave of massive merits and decades of accumulation.

Going by the current development trend of the Qin family descendants, every few decades, there would be a wave of considerable rewards once the descendants reached a million.

However, after reaching the second level of integration, Qin Changqing encountered a bottleneck again.

The problem with the bottleneck wasn’t big, once the spiritual root descendants reach another thousand, and accumulate some cultivation level, he should be able to break through.

“It would be great if I could advance to a second-grade spiritual root.”

Qin Changqing thought.

If he could rise to a second-grade spiritual root, the chances of encountering bottlenecks would decrease.

Even though bottlenecks appear without any pattern, and even a first-grade spiritual root might encounter them.

But in terms of the number of bottlenecks, the better the spiritual root, the fewer there will likely be.

The four heavenly spirit root descendants that the Purple Snow Holy Girl gave birth to greatly helped Qin Changqing, cutting down the gap to the second grade spiritual root substantially, but there was still a long way to go.

Qin Changqing wasn’t too anxious about it.

He still has a lot of time, as for now, Guiyuan Sect and the Questioning Heaven Academy are in front of them, he could continue to develop.

It’s just that breaking through one layer consumes a bit more of the cultivation level.

But in terms of time, it is shockingly fast.

That’s good, taking it step by step is more stable.

If it’s too fast, it might scare people, which isn’t good.

Of course, under the current circumstances, there’s no way to speed things up.

“I’m out of materials again.”

After crafting the 12th Six Unions Sword, Qin Changqing ran out of materials to craft Dao artifacts.

There was no helping it, their Dao artifact was merely one, while Qin Changqing’s was derived from a combination of numerous Dao artifacts.

He had obtained quite a bit of material from Questioning Heaven Academy, but after refining the Six Harmonies Mirror, with 36 of the Six Unions Swords being crafted by him, it was naturally not enough.

In fact, Qin Changqing intended to craft more than a hundred of the Six Unions Swords.

The Six Unions Sword was interesting itself, one of them was equivalent to a small set of Dao artifacts.

One Six Unions Sword could split into six, which was why Qin Changqing had got quite a few from the Questioning Heaven Academy, but they were all used up by him nonetheless.

His Dao artifacts are currently at the level of lower-grade artifacts.

More precisely, they should be about a tier 8.

Different Dao artifacts have vastly different powers, and their grading is more meticulous.

There are no longer four types divided into upper, middle, lower, and top grades.

It goes from Tier 9 to Tier 1, then Top Grade.

Tier 9, Tier 8, and Tier 7 are equivalent to lower-grade Dao artifacts, with every three tiers marking a smaller level.

Anything above Tier 1 is considered Top Grade Dao artifact.

Although Qin Changqing’s Six Harmonies Mirror and Six Unions Sword are currently around Tier 8, their combined power can reach Tier 7, essentially comparable to mid-grade Dao artifacts.

This is one of the advantages of Qin Changqing’s composite Dao artifact.

Another significant benefit of the combination is that it doesn’t require much effort to operate, but its power can rise linearly.

After turning them into his Lifebound Artifacts and tempering them continuously with True Origin, his tacit understanding with them has also increased.

This made them even more versatile, with unpredictable power.

“Let’s leave it at that for now.”

Qin Changqing decided to leave it as is.

This complete set of Dao artifacts took Qin Changqing more than a decade to refine.

Now, the Dao artifacts were ready.

His cultivation level has also reached the second layer of Integration.

It’s about time to start on the Immortal Artifact Fragment.

However, before Qin Changqing could make his move, news came from the West Sea.

Long Kui, the West Sea Queen, was finally about to break through to Integration.

Upon receiving the news, Qin Changqing immediately headed to the West Sea.


Long Han greeted Qin Changqing with a happy smile when she saw him.

“Father~” 𝖋𝔯𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝖇𝔫𝖔𝔳𝔢𝖑.𝖈𝔬𝖒

Qin Ruoshui was also there. She had grown into a beautiful young girl and threw herself into Qin Changqing’s arms.

Qin Ruoshui was almost twenty now, and her strength was already equivalent to the Foundation Establishment Middle Stage.

All of Qin Changqing’s daughters were indeed geniuses.

However, due to her prolonged seclusion, she became even more attached to Qin Changqing. Even though she was already a big girl, she still wanted Qin Changqing to carry her to watch her mother break through to Integration.

West of the West Sea, at a secret location, Long Kui began her assault.

The people of the White Dragon Clan had all sprung into action to prevent this fluctuation from being sensed by people from the East Sea and causing interference.

The West Sea, though small, was managed by the White Dragon Clan like a well-sealed iron bucket.

The Western Sea’s border with the Southern Sea was even smaller, so it hadn’t been infiltrated by the Eastern Sea Tribe.

Being small sometimes had its advantages.

Qin Changqing had also placed a Prohibition Formation at the border between the West Sea and the Southern Sea.

He wasn’t worried about people from the East Sea interfering, he was there, what was there to be afraid of?

However, Qin Changqing wanted Long Kui’s achievement of Integration to be kept a secret for a while and not let the people of the East Sea know.

He was waiting for the East Sea to make a move, to see what kind of intentions and power the East Sea actually had.

A few months later, Long Kui successfully broke through to Integration. After surviving the Tribulation Thunder, she, too, became a great ability at Integration.

Now, among Qin Changqing’s women, there were two who had reached Integration.