Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.396 - : The True Fairy


Chapter 396: Chapter 396: The True Fairy

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After Long Kui broke through the Integration stage, she rushed into Qin Changqing’s arms without hesitation.

She had almost failed, just at the brink, almost vanishing from the world.

Her Big Heavenly Tribulation was imminent, and if she failed, it would arrive soon.

In the end, it was a pill from Qin Changqing that played a crucial role, giving her the final bit of help she needed.

This made the West Sea Queen’s feelings towards Qin Changqing intensify greatly. Having narrowly escaped death, Long Kui’s love for Qin Changqing was evident in her expressions.

To her sister Long Han and the South Sea Queen Ruo Wei, they were showered with a splendid display of affection.

Seeing Long Kui reach the Integration stage, South Sea Queen Ruo Wei was filled with envy.

She had long been at the peak of the Void Refinement stage, yet she had never managed to break through to Integration.

Compared to Long Kui, Ruo Wei’s advantage was that she was slightly younger, with much more time left before her last Big Heavenly Tribulation.

However, with the South Sea now controlled by the Eastern Sea Tribe, breaking through to Integration would be even more difficult for Ruo Wei.

Over the years, Ruo Wei, the South Sea Queen, had become very familiar with Qin Changqing.

Her fondness for him grew increasingly stronger.

However, she was always preoccupied with worries about the South Sea and didn’t have much time to think about other things.

“Qing, Ruo Wei wants me to help her reclaim the South Sea. However, the Eastern Sea Tribe is too powerful, and there’s more than one at the seventh stage. Husband, do you have any suggestions?”

In the West Sea, after an intense battle ended.

Long Kui brought up the subject.

Qin Changqing, smelling the fragrance of her hair and holding her, said: “Long Kui, you should first consolidate your cultivation. Wait for a while, and I will take action when the time comes.”

Long Kui looked at Qin Changqing, blinking, “Qing, you seem different, have you reached Integration too?” Qin Changqing softly “hmm” in response.

Surprise and joy appeared in Long Kui’s beautiful eyes.

“Qing, you’re amazing!”

Couldn’t help but praised Long Kui.

“Where am I amazing?”

Looking at her adorable appearance, Qin Changqing teased her.

Long Kui blushed.

Then, she was embraced by Qin Changqing once again.

“Qing, why don’t you also take Long Han? She likes you quite a bit.”

A few days later, Long Kui spoke softly.

She saw what was in her sister’s heart.

Moreover, after experiencing the accelerated cultivation speed and the sudden God-like help when breaking through the realm, Long Kui thought that this would greatly help her sister as well.

As for Long Han, a dragon lady with a naturally noble temperament, Qin Changqing was quite fond of her.

So, when Long Kui brought up the matter, Qin Changqing simply agreed.

In the Northern Region, a series of weddings were soon held one after another.

The first wedding was between Qin Changqing and West Sea Queen Long Kui.

After Long Kui broke through to Integration, Qin Changqing held another wedding for her.

Even though the news of Long Kui breaking through to Integration hadn’t yet spread, many cultivators within the Northern Region couldn’t help but admire Qin Changqing as he took another Sea Clan Queen as his wife.

Lord Fengtian, who had always been in Su City, also sent two celebratory gifts on behalf of Questioning Heaven Academy.

Then, Lord Fengtian experienced how true the rumors were about Qin Changqing’s fondness for accepting concubines.

Because Qin Changqing’s second wedding had already begun.

This time it was to marry Princess Long Han.

That day, Princess Long Han looked exceptionally beautiful and noble.

The wedding night was indeed substantial.

Because she and Qin Changqing had not had any substantive relationship before.

This made Long Han especially nervous.

Her adorable expressions were very amusing to Qin Changqing.

So, he teased her for an entire night.

After this wedding, Qin Changqing held several other weddings, formalizing the ceremonies for the other dragon ladies from the Western Sea Tribe who had already become his women.

“Has he taken all the beauties of the Western Sea Tribe as his concubines?” Many cultivators who had heard of his reputation watched with astonishment.

Now, in the Northern Region, apart from the Vast Wave Realm, there were also quite a few cultivators from other domains.

These cultivators mostly hailed from nearby domains or those associated with the Questioning Heaven Academy.

They were all quite powerful.

Mostly, they were of Nascent Soul stage or higher.

On hearing that a cultivator who had integrated in a few hundred years had appeared in the Northern Region, they all developed a keen interest and rushed there.

“I wonder what kind of Immortal Senior Qin was before his reincarnation. He seems to really enjoy taking concubines~”

“I feel that Senior Qin may be trying to leave many more of his descendants in this advancement~”

Cultivators in Su City had these discussions.

Now, rumors about Qin Changqing being a reincarnated immortal had spread through the Northern Region.

Not only the Northern Region, but the news had also spread to nearby domains.

This attracted numerous cultivators from other domains.

These cultivators, both male and female, had mostly come upon hearing his fame.

A Reincarnated Immortal was extremely rare.

The most recent one was ten thousand years ago, but that reincarnation had failed due to the lack of restored memories.

Whether they were Nascent Souls, Deifying, Refining Void, or even Integrated, most have never encountered a reincarnated immortal in their lifetime.

Even the protector of the Purple Gold Holy Land ten thousand years ago had few who had met him in person.

After a successful reincarnation of an Immortal, most of their time was spent in cultivation, so who would carelessly expose themselves?

Now, Vast Wave Realm had one.

Moreover, by just staying in Su City, there was a chance that they could catch a glimpse of Qin Changqing from afar.

To many cultivators, this was a matter of extraordinary significance.

This also made Su City more and more lively.

The scale of Su City also kept growing.

The spread of his name as a “reincarnated immortal” and the rumors of his preference for taking concubines brought more female cultivators to the Northern Region.

These female cultivators may not necessarily have come with the intention of marrying Qin Changqing. After all, they had not seen or met him,

Some came out of curiosity.

But when many female cultivators saw Qin Changqing from afar, they couldn’t help being attracted.

This couldn’t be simply understood as being infatuated.

Just like if a true fairy who was reincarnated as an Immortal appeared in the Vast Wave Realm. This fairy was not only extraordinary and brilliant, but her beauty was unparalleled. How many male cultivators would want to marry her?

The same principle applied to women.

Moreover, Qin Changqing’s fondness of taking concubines naturally brought hope to some female cultivators. Therefore, the number of female cultivators in Su City gradually increased.

Although the bustle of the Northern Region is related to Qin Changqing, he was not affected in any way and started to deal with the Immortal Artifact Fragment.

He spent a full year in the sky above Taixuan Peak, further analyzing the Feng Shui array of the entire Taixuan Peak.

Following this, Qin Changqing spent half a year refining artifacts.

What he mainly produced were formation flags.

Then, Qin Changqing further arranged these flags.

After all these years, Qin Changqing had completely mastered this natural Feng Shui array. However, its core was still the Immortal Artifact Fragment.